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Behind the Brand with Allysha Yung: Ashley Slip Dress

Posted by Allysha Yung on

Collection Feature: Ashley Slip Dress

The perfect lightweight flow for your everyday needs, The Ashley slip dress is a tulip inspired slip dress designed to give you the most desirability with maximum comfort.

What inspired you to design this piece for the collection?
I was passionate to find the best understated, yet sexy, garment that could play into any and all women's’ wardrobes. The slip dress is a wardrobe staple, and is one of those pieces that never discriminates. The slip is flattering for all body types and gives women that same elegant, yet provocative feel that lingerie does. Creating a brand that caters to every woman is what inspired me to be innovative through fashion and create YUNG², and the best place to start was with designing the perfect versatile slip dress!

How do you want your fashionista friends to feel when they wear it?
Sexy, confident and comfortable!

What’s the inspiration behind the name?
The Ashley slip was named after my sister who inspired me to start YUNG². The most awe inspiring thing about her was her ability to not just create outfits that looked great but to take a more laidback approach to fashion. She always wore clothes that made her feel good, and that was conveyed through her appearance - she glowed. That understated appeal to an outfit is what I wanted to bring to my slip dress. The name reflects the piece; nuanced, beautiful and free.

Is this for day or night?
Why can’t it be both? The Ashley is ready for any and every occasion. Accessorize it the right way and this dress may be the only item you ever need to own!

How do we pair this?
The most important thing to remember is that the variation in which you choose to wear the slip is the one most authentic to you. If you love the edgy look, layer it over a t-shirt or turtle neck with some badass biker boots. If you live for the girly feel, this standalone piece would look great with a pair of strappy sandals and the right amount of diamond - in your hair, hanging from your ears or around your neck. And if you are chic, but street, throw a cropped sweater and some nice sneakers and walk that block. The Ashley is not bound by any standard and is perfectly paired with just about everything!


Ashley Slip Dress


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